Introducing GeoShred 6.5

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Introducing GeoShred 6.5! – New Preset Management, iCloud Preset Synchronization and Automation. In GeoShred 6.5 preset management has been completely redesigned. There’s now a setlist for user presets and there’s Search. Presets can now be saved to directly to iCloud. They’re synchronized on all of your devices and the Files app There is now an automation tool in the GeoShred … Read More

Riffler is a unique app and plugin that instantly creates unlimited copyright-free guitar riffs.

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Riffler™ is a unique app and plugin that instantly creates unlimited copyright-free guitar riffs. It’s extremely simple to use, but also offers endless customization options for advanced users. “The technology powering Riffler is extremely impressive and innovative, and I’m sure all of you will be just as amazed.”- Jordan Rudess Get a free Riffler demo for Mac and PC today … Read More

GeoShred Cyber Monday Special!

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Cyber Monday Specials now until Dec 12, 2021!GeoShred, Get it from the iTunes App Store! GeoSWAM Collection II – Our new collection of 5 instruments: GeoTrumpet, GeoBassTrombone, GeoBassFlute, GeoViola and GeoPizzBass. Normally priced at $59.99USD, Collection II is discounted to $49.99USD, a 33% discount off the individual cost. GeoSWAM Collection I – The classic collection of 6 instruments: GeoViolin, … Read More

GeoSWAM Collection II Launch!

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GeoSWAM Collection II Launch GeoSWAM II beautifully inspired physically modeled instruments including GeoTrumpet, GeoBassTrombone, GeoBassFlute, GeoViola and GeoPizzBass, all powered by Audio Modeling’s SWAM technology. The GeoSWAM instruments are awesome to play from GeoShred’s isomorphic keyboard, and you can also play them from other expressive MPE controllers like the LinnStrument or the Roli Seaboard. Normally priced at $59.99 (5 … Read More


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Wizdom Music would like to send a big “THANK YOU” to the following sites for helping spread the word about GeoShred 5! Bravewords : Audio Modeling : Synth Anatomy : Music Players : Jamstik : moForte Audio Modeling :