GeoSWAM Collection II Launch!

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GeoSWAM II beautifully inspired physically modeled instruments including GeoTrumpet, GeoBassTrombone, GeoBassFlute, GeoViola and GeoPizzBass, all powered by Audio Modeling’s SWAM technology. The GeoSWAM instruments are awesome to play from GeoShred’s isomorphic keyboard, and you can also play them from other expressive MPE controllers like the LinnStrument or the Roli Seaboard.

Normally priced at $59.99 (5 for the price of 4). They are offered with a special introductory price of $49.99 until December 12, 2021.
The GeoSWAM II instruments are available individually as In-App-Purchases (IAPs), for $14.99USD**
**Note that Apple sets the local territory price for IAPs , and may add additional local charges.