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HarmonyWiz Update 1.1.1 (Aug 2, 2016)

Wizdom Music’s HarmonyWiz app has been upgraded. If you have never experienced it, it’s sure to amaze! HarmonyWiz is an iPad app in which beautiful harmonies are generated from a flowing painted musical line, on screen keyboard, or through an external MIDI keyboard. One touch creates the magic.

* In app purchases were broken with a recent iOS update and have now been fixed
* Upgraded third party libraries, such as Audiobus and TheAmazingAudioEngine
* Removed Soundcloud export (sorry but the developers of the Soundcloud library aren’t supporting it anymore)
* Other small improvements to stability

For more information, or to purchase HarmonyWiz, visit

Jordan Rudess checks out BIAS FX

Guess who’s trying out BIAS FX just before launch?

That’s right! Mr. Jordan Rudess himself!

BIAS FX is made to work seamlessly with other guitar apps as well as any other supported app. Check it out Jordan demoing Geo Synthesizer using BIAS FX through Audiobus!


BIAS FX Signup :

Get Geo Synthesizer :

Get SampleWiz :

Wizard’s Toolbox Bundle for iOS Now Available!

Wizdom Music present the Wizard’s Toolbox Bundle for iOS. An awesome collection of Wizdom Music’s cutting edge music apps: MorphWiz, SampleWiz, Geo Synthesizer and Tachyon. If you have always wanted to own Jordan’s musical instrument app’s now is the time to get them all together at a great discounted price. bundle_white_background_no_shadow


Explore the music of Jordan’s “All That Is Now” at a special price of 1/3 off! Happy Holidays to all!

We invite you to “Explore” for the Holidays! The Jordan Rudess Explores iOS app is 1/3 off for the holiday season –  check out Jordan’s latest solo album “All That is Now” in its interactive form!

Jordan Rudess Explores Now Available!


DECEMBER 5, 2013











JORDAN RUDESS, best known as the keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire for platinum-selling Grammy-nominated prog rock band, DREAM THEATER, is releasing his latest solo piano recording, ALL THAT IS NOW, on December 3, 2013. The album contains 13 pieces, composed and performed by JORDAN on his favorite instrument, a 9-foot Steinway concert grand piano. The album was created as part of a PledgeMusic crowdsourcing campaign in which almost 1,000 fans pledged between $10 to $5,000 in exchange for updates on his recording process and a battery of prizes ranging from private lessons to backstage passes. The PledgeMusic campaign also raised money for RUDESSupcoming orchestral album which will be released early in 2014.

Says RUDESS, “This album is very close to my heart. For years, I searched until I found the instrument of my dreams that would be the perfect extension of my musical thought, playing literally every piano I could find all over the world. I found my concert grand seven years ago and, ever since, my deepest musical connection occurs when I play my Steinway. It is my lifetime goal to purely translate the music in my mind, to my hands and then onto the keyboard. This album captures the magic of that connection. The recording was done simply in the piano room of my house using just my Steinway D and Earthworks microphones. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

In addition to his solo piano CD, ALL THAT IS NOW, RUDESS has also released a WIZDOM MUSIC interactive iOS app, “JORDAN RUDESS EXPLORES,” which enables an interactive aural and visual experience with the music from the CD. JORDAN RUDESS EXPLORES was created by Jordan with developer Joe Zobkiw to explore the intersection between the traditional and electronic world we all live in.

In addition to playing in DREAM THEATER, RUDESS, voted “Best Keyboardist of All Time” by Music Radar Magazine, is the President of a successful music App development company WIZDOM MUSIC (, creators of award-winning apps such as MorphWiz, SampleWiz, and Geo Synthesizer.  Jordan has worked with a wide range of artists including LMR, his newest side project with Tony Levin and Marco Minneman, Liquid Tension Experiment, David Bowie, Steven Wilson, Aviv Geffen, the Dixie Dregs, Rod Morgenstein, Enrique Iglesias, Tony Williams, Jan Hammer and the Paul Winter ConsortDREAM THEATER’s newest self-titled album was released this fall on Roadrunner Records. The band will begin a whirlwind 14-month world tour in January, 2014. Their full-length concert DVD, Live at Luna Park, released last month went immediately to #1 on the Music DVD charts.

Purchase ALL THAT IS NOW here:

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Purchase the “JORDAN RUDESS EXPLORES” app here:

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Learn more about Jordan’s PledgeMusic campaign and pledge here:

PledgeMusic –

ALL THAT IS NOW   Track List   50:18

1.  Flash of Hope  04:33

2.  Pacific Waves 03:38

3.  Spectral Haze 04:23

4.  A Last Goodbye  03:43

5.  State of Being 03:01

6.  Flying into Blue 03:30

7.  A Thousand Years 03:20

8.  Uncovered               03:35

9.  The Telling              04:37

10.  Altitude High           04:06

11.  The Untouchable Truth   04:35

12.  Looking Beyond          02:57

13.  Eye Wonder              04:18