HARMONYWIZAN ADVANCEDHARMONIC GENERATOR HARMONYWIZ is an advanced harmonic generator which can create multi-part harmony, all just from inputting a single musical line. You can paint your music in or play it from a piano style keyboard. You compose it and HarmonyWiz will arrange it! “I wrote my first composition at age four. Too bad I didn’t have HarmonyWiz so that … Read More


SAMPLEWIZCAPTURE YOURSONIC UNIVERSE “Inspiring! Just when you thought nothing could be new in the world of sampling, along comes SampleWiz to fire up the neurons of our creativity in new ways. I love the the new realtime interactive noises I can get by ‘touching the sound’…the crazy and unique stuff you can do with it is really expressive and fresh!” … Read More


MORPHWIZA RADICALLY INNOVATIVEMIDI INSTRUMENT Jordan states, “Our goal was to create an instrument that would allow the seamless morphing of the audio and visual domain while delivering a seamless musical experience. I believe the iPhone/iPad multitouch platform opens up a whole new world of creation of electronic musical instruments and we’re proud MorphWiz is our first major offering. My experience … Read More


TACHYONPLAY AN ELECTRIC GUITARAND A PIANO ATTHE SAME TIME Most instruments only allow you to play one sound at a time, but with Tachyon, you can seamlessly blend between any two sounds as you slide your fingers up and down the screen. “one of the most innovative, groundbreaking products to emerge in the past twelve months”TACHYON – BLEND SOUNDS SEAMLESSLYDo … Read More