What is Jordantron?
Jordantron is an iPad-exclusive musical instrument, developed by mellotron specialists Omenie in the UK. Jordantron is as close as you can get to having Jordan’s complete live rig in your hands. It contains 57 voices, all painstakingly sampled by Jordan and fine-tuned while on the road with Dream Theater.  All samples are stereo, all voices are sampled over 4 octaves, and the sounds range from delicate grand piano through to enormous orchestral and choral patches. 

Why should I buy it?
These sounds can be found nowhere else, and will not be made available anywhere else. So if you’ve heard demos of the app and really like the sounds, this is the only place to get them.  If you are a fan of Jordan’s work in Dream Theater, this app is a dream come true - it is the only way to get your hands on Jordan’s live rig, on any platform. So if you need a specific sound from Jordan’s arsenal, this app is where you will find it. But even if you are not familiar with Dream Theater’s work but you need a sample playback instrument with a massive pack of voices covering the ‘giant’ and 'epic' sounds of the rock and prog spectrum, this app is for you. 

Who is it targeted at?
This is a musical instrument for gigging and recording musicians who need more variety in their sample-based sounds. Many of the sounds are truly huge, and are without doubt ‘rock’, but Jordan’s classical background shines through, and with many of the sounds derived from orchestral and choral originals they can work wonderfully in the context of film, TV and videogame music. These sounds truly add drama and propulsion to background music.

What hardware do I need to run Jordantron?
Any iPad capable of running iOS 7 can run Jordantron perfectly. This means iPad 2 or better, or iPad mini or better. Jordantron does not require a retina display, but the graphical quality is improved on retina devices.

I already own a sample playback app for iPad - do I need Jordantron?
Jordan’s samples in this collection will not be made available for any app on any platform. So if you want any of the sounds from the collection within this app. you will need Jordantron. 

Will Jordantron be upgraded/expanded with in-app purchases?
Jordantron will definitely be upgraded and expanded over time, but our plan is to not add these via in-app purchases, but rather to quietly improve the app over time. It is important to know that an investment in an app of this scale is secure, without ongoing demands or on-screen nags for additional payment.

Can I use Jordantron on my own records without worrying about copyright infringement?
Of course. You may not resample the sounds out of the app and sell them on as part of a musical instrument / app / sample collection of your own. But any record you make, any gig you play, any TV show,  movie, videogame, online film piece - you are free and clear once you have bought the app. If you do use Jordantron on a recording, we would ask that you would give us that credit! 

Is there a Jordantron user manual?
We are working on an iBook for download - keep checking back for details. 

What other products does Omenie Software sell?
Check out Omenie’s site at http://www.omenie.com for details of their M3000 app featuring genuine mellotron tapes, and Sopranotron, the first Virtual Soprano for iOS. 
How do I get tech support for Jordantron?
Just ping us - look for the official contact details on the App Store page, and as a direct route jordantron@omenie.com will get you straight to the developer. 

Are there any videos of Jordan playing Jordantron?
There are a whole bunch of them - check out the media section on the Jordantron page at http://www.wizdommusic.com/http://www.wizdommusic.com/products/jordantron.html

Who did the cover art for the app - I love it!
Bogna Altman, a photographer / fine artist based in Canada - she is amazing, check out her work at http://exquizzite.com