Wizdom Music

Where can I learn some of the more advanced features of HarmonyWiz?

We have posted an album of videos here that shows some of the advanced features! Enjoy!

Do I own the rights to the music I create with HarmonyWiz?

Yes. The music you create is completely yours.

Can I import MIDI files in HarmonyWiz?

Yes. Normally when you press on a MIDI file from some app such as Mail or Safari, iOS will present you with a pop up menu. In this menu there are all the apps that can open the file. HarmonyWiz will appear in this list.

How do I export the sheet music?

For certain technical reasons, this must be done through a two step process. First export a Lilypond script of your song. Then copy paste this into LilyBin at http://lilybin.com.

Is HarmonyWiz Inter-App Audio compatible?

Yes as of HarmonyWiz version 1.0.1 we are using AudioBus 2.1. This automatically makes HarmonyWiz Inter-App Audio compatible. HarmonyWiz is an IAA Generator Node.

How do I move the song locator using touch gestures?

Press and hold on the ruler.

How do I open the track details such as volume?

Swipe right on any of the tracks to expand the view.

Can I scroll the score without selecting the hand item in the toolbox?

Yes, you can use a two finger pan gesture on the score. You can also use a pan gesture on the ruler.

How does the meter affect the harmonization?

The meter affects the harmonic rhythm of any phrase that is recorded or painted in. The meter does not directly affect the harmonization in any other way however.

How does changing the style affect the arrangement?

Different styles change what sorts of chords are permitted. They also change the how dissonances in chords are prepared and resolved harmonically.

Why are some notes on the keyboard a silver color?

These notes are out of the range for the currently selected track. When recording a phrase try to stay within the allowed range.

How do I input accidentals?

The only way to input accidentals is to use the built in chromatic keyboard or a USB keyboard. You must either be in step record mode or live recording.

Can I place notes in the bass line, and have HarmonyWiz create chords over that?

Yes. First you must enable expert mode in the Settings menu. In expert mode you can place notes into any track.

Will I get a different arrangement each time I press the arrange button?

In general, yes. There is some randomness in the algorithm.

Does the arrangement improve if you generate it more than once?

Yes, the algorithm "learns" from each successful iteration. If you make any changes to the song however, the learning process resets.

I want to harmonize a phrase that has a few notes outside the permitted range of the track. How can I do this?

You can make the note that are out of range into passing or suspension tones.

The app seems slow to respond to touch gestures. Why?

This can happen when memory is low. Try closing background apps to free up more memory for HarmonyWiz. If the problem persists, close your song to save your work. Then quit HarmonyWiz completely and restart the app.