Wizdom Music


EarWizard Manual Figure 1 Welcome Screen

Welcome to EarWizard! EarWizard trains your ear while improving your memory skills by having the player repeat back a sequence of chords which gets longer with each round of play.


EarWizard Manual Figure 2

On each level, you’ll have to tap the chord on the blackboard to play back what you heard.


EarWizard Manual Figure 3

You can always see at the bottom of the screen the number of rounds approved and the total needed to complete the level.


EarWizard Manual Figure 4

You can always change the speed of the game in between rounds by opening settings.


EarWizard Manual Figure 5

If you're not sure what chords are in the sequence, you can press Replay and hear them again.



EarWizard Manual Figure 6

On intermediate levels, you have to pay close attention. Visuals will fade out slowly and you will be relying on your EAR. Also, don't be surprised when we shift all the chords around on the screen!


EarWizard Manual Figure 7

On hard levels you have to compete against time and beat the hourglass! A true Ear Wizard must react quickly.


EarWizard Manual Figure 8

Also, if you need one more look at the videos, just touch the EYE when it becomes available.