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Jordantron + Xkey = mobile music to the max!

Jordantron + Xkey = mobile music to the max!
The perfect combination for music making on the move


Singapore, September 30th ,2014— CME Pte. Ltd.

We are excited to announce that Jordan Rudesskeyboardist with Dream Theater, president of WIzdom Music and Chief Musical Officer at CMEhas for the first time released a digital version of his exclusive sounds to the public. This amazing new app is called Jordantron, and it has already gone to Number 1 in the iPad Paid Music App charts around the world. Jordantron turns the iPad into the grandest and most epic sounding instrument ever and it is the perfect match
for the CME Xkey!

Jordantron is an iPad-exclusive musical instrument, developed for Wizdom Music by UK-based mellotron specialists Omenie. Jordantron is as close as you can get to having Jordans complete performance sounds in your hands. The app contains 57 voices, all painstakingly sampled by Jordan and fine-tuned while on the road with Dream Theater. All samples are stereo and all voices are sampled over 4 octaves. The sounds range from delicate grand piano through to enormous orchestral and choral patches.


The iPad has revolutionized mobile music creation, and the combination of Wizdom Musics
Jordantron and the CME Xkey takes that revolution to another level. With this partnership you get the richest, biggest, most powerful sample playback synth for iPad (Jordantron) working in perfect harmony with the world
s most rugged, most portable, highest-quality mobile music creation keyboard (CME Xkey). Even more exciting is the fact that Jordantron supports polyphonic aftertouch, a MIDI feature which is unique to CME Xkey in the mobile keyboard market.

To celebrate the release of Jordantron we are running a contest with some very special
prizes. Each winner will receive an Xkey mobile music keyboard as well as Wizdom Music
s Jordantron and Omenies Sopranotron (the only Virtual Soprano for the iPad). There are only five prizes to be won, and the contest begins today!

Heres how it works: over the next five weeks CME will be posting videos of Jordan performing on Jordantron, using an Xkey and iPad together to create amazing music. All you have to do is share and like these videos on Facebook and you will be entered into the great Xkey mobile music creation giveaway!

For details of the contest rules, please check the CME Facebook page.   
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